IRHD Micro Hardness Tester - H12

Hardness tests (resistance to indentation) is one of the most widely measured properties used to characterise rubber. View our extensive range of hardness testers here. Wallace provides the full range of Shore and IRHD hardness testers to the rubber, polymer, plastics and scientific industries. Our proven C-frame design provides rigidity for unrivalled stability and repeatability of results. A selection of accessories complement our range. Wallace has recently launched the upgraded version of the hardness tester range with greater accuracy, upgraded software and greater connectivity. Productivity and simplicity go hand in hand Our Hardness Testers are simple to operate with one-time set-up and simple one finger operation. Operation and daily verification of the instruments require minimal training. Software allows for ease of data capture and analyses. Accessories like the O-ring table and ability to use barcode scanners improve productivity.

IRHD Micro Hardness Tester - H12

Application Material:

Soft thin vulcanized rubber, O-rings, thermoplastic elastomers.



  • All versions come PC enables as standard
  • Tests small/thin samples and O-rings
  • One touch fully automatic operation
  • Accurate and consistent results
  • Easy access to sample area
  • Operator dependency reduced
  • Range of sample tables

Three versions of the H12 are offered:
H12/1, the standard version
H12/2, printer version
H12/3, data terminal and printer version


Features for all models

The H12 Micro Hardness Tester is available in three different versions. The design, the result of considerable consultation with customers, is robust and constructed from aluminium castings which with anti- vibration feet results in exceptional stability.

A major feature of the design is the ease of access in the sample area. A range of Quick Change Tables has been designed to locate different sample cross sections or to locate special jigs and fixtures. After pressing the start button the Micro Hardness Tester operates completely automatically. The result is held on the display at the conclusion of each test.

All versions conform to many National and International Standards: ISO 48-2, ASTM D1414, ASTM D1415



See the table below for a run-down of this product's specifications.




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