Plasticity Wallace Ageing Chamber - O14-96

Plasticity Wallace Ageing Chamber - O14-96

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Wallace Ageing Chamber
Part number: WAO14-96
The Wallace O14 Ageing Chamber, ages rubber in
accordance with international standards. Reliable
ageing of samples is an integral part of determining
the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.
Use the O14 in conjunction with the Wallace
Plastimeter (P14), high speed cutter (WAS2) and
traceability fixture to ensure maximum productivity.
x Up to 96 samples
x Better air flow for reliable consistent results
x Optical sensors for improved drawer operation
x Traceability fixture which simplifies sample handling
and improves traceability
x Accurate and reliable temperature control
x Drawers individually time controlled
x Tri-colour LEDs indicate status for each of four test compartments
x High-tech PID Temperature Controller with digital display
x Easy access to replace air filter
Housed in a robust steel case, the O14 features an aluminium block with four chambers that carry
the drawer units and sample dishes. High-quality insulation inside the case minimises heat loss. A
temperature of 140°C (as specified by the standard) is maintained by a PID Controller, which
continuously displays the chamber temperature. The O14 provides an additional protective
feature whereby should the temperature exceed 150°C, the over-temperature cut out will be
activated and all LEDs will flash simultaneously.
x Double capacity (96 samples)
x Traceability fixture
x Independently verified
Use in combination with high speed cutter (WAS2) to improve your productivity
and traceability
H W Wallace & Co Ltd, Vincents Walk, South Street, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2HA,, + 44 (0)1306 867 417
Wallace Ageing Chamber
Part number: WAO14-96
Weight 23kg
Dimensions 270 x 490 x 230mm (w x d x h)
Maximum Power 200W
Chamber size 50 x 12 x 280mm (w x d x h)
Number of heating chambers 4
Number of dishes per tray 8
Number of samples per tray 24 max
Number of samples per O14 96 max
Operating temperature 140ºC ±0.2ºC
Temperature recovery <3 mins @ 140ºC after sample insertion
Standards BS ISO 2007, BS ISO 2930, ASTM D3194
Wallace Ageing Chamber (WAO14-96)
Simple Test Procedure
Test samples are cut with the Wallace high speed cutter and placed in drawers in the traceability
fixture. When a drawer is inserted, a timing sequence is triggered for that chamber. As the 30
minute ageing process ends, the LED light changes colour, indicating to the operator to remove
the sample tray. If the ageing period is exceeded, the LED light changes to red indicating that the
samples should be discarded. The sample tray is placed in traceability fixture and transferred to
P14 for PRI test.
Ageing chamber 1 off
High capacity trays 8 off (4 off in oven, 4 off in fixture)
Dishes 120 off
Traceability fixture trays 4 off
Traceability fixture coloured buttons 80 off


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