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The Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer allows the operator to easily measure the Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR) characteristics of elastomers and rubber products (e.g. seals, O-rings) as required by the relevant standards. CSR is a measure of the ability of an elastomer to seal efficiently when held in compression over time and in varying environmental conditions between two rigid faces. The stress at the interface between the elastomer and the rigid faces is important for efficient sealing and is a function of the modulus of the elastomer and the strain applied. CSR is used by industries including aerospace, automotive and construction to understand the characteristics of elastomeric seals.

Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer

Wallace offers a range of jigs to accompany the WAC11 Compression Stress Relaxometer - both as fixed height jigs and adjustable jigs. Fixed height jigs are generally used when the same test is often repeated (e.g. same sample thickness and compression ratio), whilst the adjustable jigs are used where the applicable size or compression ratio varies.

The fixed height jig (C11/1) is supplied with one fixed spacer, it’s height being determined by the sample size and the required percentage compression.  There are a number of standard fixed height spacers available to suit different sample heights and percentage compressions. Refer overleaf for the range of C11/1 fixed height jigs. Bespoke spacers can be made for specific applications. 

The adjustable height jig (C11/6) is supplied with one adjustable spacer.  This allows the required compression ratio to be achieved on samples of varying heights.  The distance between the upper and lower platen faces can be adjusted in the range of 0.0mm to 12.0mm.

An O-ring adaptor (C11/7) is available, suitable for both the C11/1 and C11/6 jigs and can accommodate O-rings of up to 41mm diameter.  It simply locates over the bottom plate of the jig and a small hole drilled through the adaptor allows air to vent to atmosphere, preventing a pressure differential across the seal.

The Wallace jig assemblies are made from stainless steel as standard, but can be manufactured in other materials for specific applications.

The jigs support the principle of the WAC11, which is based on the electrical contact being made between the load cell and the head of the jig. The contact is only broken when the force applied to the Relaxometer marginally exceeds the counterforce  exerted by the test sample.


  • Full range of jigs for standard and bespoke applications
  • Bespoke jigs on request
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing and previous models of  WAC11 Compression Stress Relaxometer
  • Suitable for testing O-rings


  • O-ring Adaptor
  • Standard rotary cutters


See the table below for a run-down of this product's specifications.


BS ISO 3384-1 Method B, BS ISO 3384-2 Method B, ASTM D6147 Method B


Wallace Instruments CSR - Changing Jigs Demonstration

Wallace Instruments CSR Testing with Wykeham Farrance Jig

Wallace Instruments CSR Testing with Wallace Jig

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