Wallace Rapid Plastimeter

Rapid plasticity is one of the basic tests used in the natural rubber industry, and is the measurement of compression of a specimen of known thickness at a known temperature under a predetermined load for a known time.


Wallace Rapid Plastimeter P14


The Wallace Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity or viscosity of unvulcanised rubbers. The test is simple, clean and quick. The instrument is used in conjunction with the Wallace Ageing Chamber (Cat. Ref. O14) to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

The variable temperature model (P14/VT) characterises the flow behaviour of synthetic rubber compounds as, unlike the other models, its platen temperatures can be varied between 60°C and 180°C. For some applications the P14/VT offers a quick, low cost alternative to a Mooney Viscosity test.

The instrument is supplied in four versions and each version comes complete with specimen cutter. The instrument is shipped with 10mm dia top platen installed and alternative top platens of 7.3 and 14mm diameter are supplied as accessories. The platens are easily interchangeable.


A modified parallel plate compression principle is used with automatically timed "conditioning" and "load" periods. A sample is compressed between two circular platens which are maintained at a temperature of 100°C. The sample is conditioned for 15 seconds at a thickness of 1mm. A compressive force of 100N is then applied for 15 secs. The final thickness of the test piece expressed in units of 0.01mm, is the plasticity number.

Test Procedure

The sample is prepared using the specimen cutter provided and it is then enclosed between two pieces of tissue paper, as defined by international standards, before being placed between the platens. The tissue paper prevents the material sticking to the platens or sliding between them.

The automatic test sequence is started when the operating handle is rotated.

The reduction in thickness of the sample is displayed digitally, which freezes, to show the plasticity number at the end of 15 seconds.


The P14 Rapid Plastimeter offers greatly enhanced operator access and is available in five different versions. A major feature on all versions is powered zero calibration eliminating the need for tedious manual setting. Aluminium castings are used throughout the design for rigidity and stability. All versions comply with National and International standards.


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