Wallace Instruments began as general engineers in 1901 working for local Croydon companies and successfully developed a range of machines for the confectionery and food canning industries.
In the late 1930s Wallace became involved in joint development programmes with the Rubber and Plastics Research Association and undertook the design, manufacture and sales of test equipment to evaluate the physical properties of rubber and other polymeric materials.
In the early 1950 Wallace began looking for export markets for its test equipment particularly in the rubber growing regions and in industrialised countries where rubber processing takes place....

ISO Certificate for Wallace - ISO 9001_2024

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Wallace Rapid Plastimeter Mk V - P14

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Plasticity Wallace Ageing Chamber - O14-96

The Wallace Ageing Chamber, O14 ages rubber in accordance with international testing standards. In conjunction with the Rapid Plastimeter, it allows the user to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

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Mooney Viscometer Mk III

The Mk III Mooney Viscometer (formally Negretti) measures and records the viscosity of natural, synthetic or compounded rubber. Conforming to international standards, the Mk III is a shearing-disc viscometer in which the rubber sample is compressed pneumatically in a cylindrical chamber formed by cavities in 2 opposing dies.

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IRHD Micro Hardness Tester - H12

The Wallace H12 Micro Hardness tester allows accurate and repeatable measurements of small thin samples such as O rings.

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Wallace - MRPRA Ageing Chamber - O14

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Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer - Jigs

The Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer allows the operator to easily measure the Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR) characteristics of elastomers and rubber products (e.g. seals, O-rings) as required by the relevant standards. CSR is a measure of the ability of an elastomer to seal efficiently when held in compression over time and in varying environmental conditions between two rigid faces. The stress at the interface between the elastomer and the rigid faces is important for efficient sealing and is a function of the modulus of the elastomer and the strain applied. CSR is used by industries including aerospace, automotive and construction to understand the characteristics of elastomeric seals.

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Rubber Specimen Preparation Equipment

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The Wallace High Precision Densimeter

The Wallace High Precision Densimeter is a cost efficient inspection instrument, calculating an accurate measurement of specific gravity. With a scale capacity of up to 300g and specific gravity resolution to three decimal places.

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